Work Permit


  1. Application Form W.P. 1 OR W.P. 5 (FOR WORK PERMIT RENEWAL)
  2. Passport and Copy of Passport
  3. Employment Contract and Form of the Employment Certification
  4. Letter from the University
  5. Power of Attorney with 10 Baht duty stamp affixed and copy of appointee’s I.D. card
  6. Medical Certificate

Work Permit Fee 3,000 Baht.

W.P.5( Work Permit Renewal)

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED Please arrange documents in the following order:

  1. Application Form( W.P.5)
  2. Work Permit with a copy.
  3. Passport and one copy of all pages or Certificate of Permanent Residence and Certificate of Alien with a copy.
  4. Form of the Employment Certification or Employment Contract.
  5. Documents as stated in the conditions of work in the Work Permit (.lf any)
  6. Power of Attorney with 10 Baht duty stamp affixed and a copy of appointee’s l. D . card (if the applicant is unable to apply in person).

* Supported Documents as category of employer

  1. Company

1.1 A copy of Thai Company Registration and a copy of recent share holders’ list (Updated within six months) O. r foreign juristic

Person needs to submit a copy of Business Operation License of such foreigner and document about money import.

1.2 List of foreign workers who work at this company identifying work permit number.

  1. 3 A copy of Balance Sheet (last year) and a copy of Work Permit holder’s Tax payment     ; Phor Ngor Dor 91 or 90 (last year)
  2. Private school teacher / Private University

2.1 A copy of letter of teacher or instructor assignment and employment contract I private university has to how the certificate letter from the organization of Ministry of Education

2.2 A copy of teacher license ( as Law of The Council of Teacher and Education Personal) in, case of trainer is excepted,

2.3 A copy of the license of the school establishment, manager license, headmaster license / a copy of the license of the university establishment and copy of the document show the name of employer has the right for signing on the behalf of university

  1. Government organization

3.1 A certificate letter from the government organization/ Ministry of Education and school, which shows applicants’

name, position and work period.

3.2 In case of teacher of government school a, copy of teacher license (as Law of The         Council of Teacher and Education

Personal) is need. The trainer is not included.

  1. Association/ organization/ foundation

License of association /organization/foundation establishment (plus the list of managing     director)


(1) Any documents in foreign language other than English must be translated in to Thai and certified by an academic

Thai native speaker. All the Form shave to be filled in Thai.

(2) In case of foreigner employer, copy of him/her Work Permit is need.

(3) Every page of the documents belongs to the company need to be certified by the authorized person or appointee with company seal. Every page of the documents belongs to applicant need to be certified by

applicant himself or the appointee.

After the application is completely, the process will be finished within 3 working days. Tel : 0-2245-2475 ,0 22452 306



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