Cost of Living in Bangkok

Bangkok as one of the least expensive cities to live in the world, depending on your needs, the cost of living is still affordable. The followings are the estimated costs of living in Bangkok.

The rental rate per month of a basic accommodation in Bangkok ranges from 3,000 – 10,000 THB (~110 –~ 350 USD) or beyond

Bangkok is famous for its abundance of delicious and cheap local cuisine. A simple dish including drink from a street vender or open-air restaurant usually costs around 45 THB (~1.49 USD)

Internet and Phone
Internet café service costs around 15 THB an hour (~0.50 USD). A fixed-home line (02 number) costs around 3 THB (~0.09 USD) per call. The cost for internet installation at home depends on internet agencies. Prepaid cell phones are the cheapest form of communication (domestic call) one THB per minute.

In the heart of Bangkok, people usually travel via the BTS Sky Train and Bangkok Metro (MRT). They are very convenient. A one way ticket costs from 15-40 THB (~0.45-1.33 USD) depending on the destination. Other forms of transportation include, public buses and taxis which are the most common form of travel in Bangkok. The average cost of a one way ticket for the bus is 8 THB (~0.26 USD) and a taxi is charged by the meter starting at 35 THB (1.00 USD).