RMUTP adheres to No Gift Policy

On December 14, 2022, Dr. Natworapol Rachsiriwatcharabul, president of RMUTP, declared a “No Gift Policy” for all special occasions to promote the good governance and anti-corruption of RMUTP organization at Rabi Badhana Conference Room, Office of the president, RMUTP Thewet.

“As we are a higher institution which aims to produce qualified and professional graduates, including creating academic innovations for social services, preserve both cultural identities and natural resources for the sustainability of country development with good governance, manage and develop our human resources which are country strategics’ propeller and perform their duties in integrity, willingness, good moral and ethics, avoid their conflict of interest, and anti-corruption. RMUTP declares the intention of the ‘No Gift Policy’ by stipulating the policy in which all RMUTP academic and supportive officers avoid receiving all gifts or presents during performing their duties or all RMUTP visitors, including any presents and unlawful benefit acquisition. To represent all congratulations, good wishes or regrets should represent through sending cards according to any occasions or through social media instead of giving presents.” Dr. Natworapol said