LA RMUTP launched Phra Nakhon Travel 2022

On July 27, 2022, the Faculty of Liberal Arts of Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon (RMUTP), launched “Phra Nakhon Travel 2022” organized by tourism teaching students from the Faculty of Liberal Arts, RMUTP, and was honored and presided over at this event by Assistant Professor Dr. Amnat Iamsumang, Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts. This event was organized for making field studies of tourism teaching students to have a fundamental comprehension of Tour Guiding and learned through experience and unexpected problem-solving skill development. Phra Nakhon Travel 2022 will arrange for 8 routes around Thailand which are Betong (Yala Province), Thi Lo Su (Tak Province), Pilok- Sangkhla Buri (Kanchanaburi Province), Chumporn, Chiang Rai, Loei – Phetchabun, Nakhon Panom – Laos, and Rayong – Chanthaburi.

“The opening of Phra Nakhon Travel 2022 Program is another project that promotes our students to bring their knowledge, skillfulness, and competency to build on a future career, and also meet the needs of the tourism job market and restore Thailand sustainable tourism promotion after the pandemic of COVID-19 by encouraging and supporting in cultural tourism in Thailand, build a tourist trust, travel expenses, and local economies of community”, Assistant Professor Dr. Amnat Iamsumang said.