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Children from Divorced Families can be Strong, Turn 4 Weak Factors into Opportunity

Research: Self-Adaptation Dynamics and Existence of Children in Divorced Families

Researcher: Rawiwan Toranee, a Professor of Faculty of Liberal Arts, RMUTP

Many studies in the past specified that children from divorced families had a chance to be fractious children. They got risk for acting out the deviant behavior. For this, the campaign for forming warm family or building relationship between people in family was done to protect divorced problem continuously.

For the researcher’s study reflecting a different viewpoint, I have found that some children from divorced families did not become fractious. This study can be a recognizable guideline for families with probable cause of divorce. The result was found that the crisis of children from divorced families could be turned into opportunity. They became strong and learned how to solve problems themselves when confronted by the following ways.
1.     Accept the real world situation
2.     Self- esteem
3.     Plan and manage life
4.     Drive for living

Moreover, the result stated positive sides of divorce. It made children become patient, stronger and responsible because nobody could help them. Further, it drove them to plan their life and try to succeed themselves.

The research result is beneficial for children who grow in divorce families. It is also beneficial for organization related to family and education unit to develop them to have skill in living. It helps them to live properly and reduces risk of living.