Faculty of Industrial Education

Impression of RMUTP’s staff

Faculty of Industrial Education

Phussadee Aimta, Head Assistant of the Office of the Dean

“As being a supporting officer for more than 16 years, under the Faculty of Industrial Education, I have seen the shift of Rajamangala Institute of Technology to become Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakorn. Many things have been clearer, especially the system of the university which has produced many efficient personnels, both in their jobs and ethics. As a supporting officer, we emphasize both the evaluation and the academic to be succeeded. According to the annual education quality assessment system, we have found that our faculty is turning into a better and more organized way. I am proud to be a part of the Faculty of industrial education.”

Faculty of Home Economics Technology

Asst. Prof. Pannee Wisitwongsakorn, Professor of Fashion Clothing and Textile Design Department

“I have taught here for 28 years. I personally think that the last 7 years, the university has changed in a better way, especially better welfare such as cost of  living, bonus, fund for funeral of parents, wreath and fruit basket for visiting patients. Moreover, regulations got better and academic performance was stricter. This can cause the lecturers more efficient. I am very impressive with the University award which is given to the lecturers who have received academic promotions. It will encourage us to develop ourselves for the university. However, as I am a lecturer, I am concerned about the freedom of technology nowadays. I would like all lecturers to emphasize the conscious mind, to sacrifice for the team, to be punctual and saving because the money they have got, might be with sweat and tears.”

Faculty of Mass Communication Technology

Mr. Preecha  Signsuwan,  Driver of the Faculty of Mass Communication Technology

“I have worked here for more over 30 years. I am glad to see the university continually develop in a better way, due to enthusiastic administrators. For instance, the buildings are changed to be more modern, adjustable courses to be more efficient, encouraging and promoting officers to be more potential by arranging or attending any of the seminars so that they are able to adjust the knowledge and experiences to develop the university.  The most impressive thing is the driving lecture given by an expert once a year. Moreover, the university also provides many scholarships for the lecturers to study abroad and the graduated students are efficient. I remember that the first generation of Mass Communication Technology has worked at many good companies and they act as a family or cousins. Everyone fairly treats each other.”

Faculty of Business Administration

Mrs. Daranee Daodech, Administrative Officer

“I have worked for the Faculty of Business Administration for more over 18 years. I worked for supply operation section, library and worked as the assistant of Academic Services until now I work for buildings and vehicles section. I have noticed how the university has changed continually. I am very happy to work here because I have to work with a lot of people who use vehicles every day. I have worked by my management skills. I am a calm, hard-working, caring and helpful person. People have helped and treated me very well. In the rest of my working life, I would develop my work to be more efficient with honor. I can say that honor, smile and calmness are the important aspects.

Faculty of Science and Technology

Mr. Worapoj  Holwichit, Professor of Mathematics and  Statistics Subjects

I would like to congratulate on the Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon for the 7th anniversary in January, 2012. I am very proud to work here for 31 years since the name had not been changed. The new university’s name is like a 7-year-old child whom is growing up, developing and it needs some advice to be in the right way. Many leaders have to quickly change their daily work to be the university system. Although, some of them might be disappointed or unacceptable because it was too fast, they finally accepted because they just needed some time for the dramatically change.”

Faculty of Engineering

Mr.Jatorong Jaturacherdchaisakul, Professor of Electrical Engineering Department

“I have taught here for 31 years. I have seen how the university has been continually developed, especially the courses. I have to say it has been changed a lot since changing the university’s name for 7 years. Personally, the good thing is about the education which are much more efficient, as the standard of the Ministry of Education by the admission which is better than the quota system. Moreover, the admission students are better than the quota ones; after their graduation, half of them cannot pass the working certificate. I will solve this problem as I am the model of the nation.”

Faculty of Liberal Arts

Asst. Prof. Watchara Phothisorn, Professor of English for International Communication Department

Having worked as both a lecturer and an administrator here for 26 years, I have seen RMUTP’s development continuously. Every temporary staffs have a chance to be a university’s officer. Teachers can develop their academic works to higher level and students are proud to be students of the private university. I am really worried about the excessive teaching: opening the new department, master’s degree or doctoral degree without professional and suitable teacher. If we want to be a high quality university, we have to recognize and solve this problem.

Faculty of Industrial Textiles and Fashion Design

Asst. Prof. Warapon Panompornsuwan, Professor of Garment Technology Department

For 37 years working here, RMUTP has changed in a better way such as building, classrooms, materials and teaching course that follow global changing and are correspond with demanding of labor market. In terms of staff, RMUTP has many projects to train and develop their efficiency. Moreover, I would like to see our teachers and staffs bring the advancement to RMUTP.

Faculty of Architecture and Design

Mr. Saettanun  Sittichokphattana, Administrative Officer

“I’ve been working at RMUTP for 4 years. From the first day until today, I’ve seen the changes of RMUTP and I am impressed in advanced technology without borders, especially, modern computers including a good colleague made me happy to work”.